About Handle It

Being a professional “fixer” & crisis manager is a pretty challenging gig.



I largely operate behind the scenes, but that all changed that with Scandal. Now, most people think of me as the real-life inspiration for Olivia Pope, the take-no-prisoners warrior who is always fashionable in white and enjoys a good glass of wine at the end of the day. She leads a band of gladiators who will do anything to help their clients solve the world’s biggest problems.

That’s the Hollywood version of who I am.

I do share two important traits with Olivia: I love white, and I never say no to a good glass of red wine.


Seriously, what I have learned is at our core no matter if you’re the richest person on the planet or most famous, I am a firm believer that ALL of us, have to take control.

But seriously, being a crisis manager is my passion. Every day for over 30 years I’ve had the privilege to channel my energy and experience into helping people negotiate through some of the most difficult times of their lives. I’ve been blessed to work with Presidents, famous actors and athletes, and countless companies and top CEOs.

Now I want to help all of you.

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