Skimm’d from the Couch podcast

In this episode, Judy shares how she started organizing press conferences at age 11 (4:00), why she’s always taken risks (24:58), and whether she actually calls her employees gladiators (29:58).


Ways to Change the World podcast

Judy talks to Krishnan about how best to handle a crisis and shares her thoughts on former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment and the Royal family.


Game Changing Attorney Podcast with Michael Mogill

In a digital world, the news cycle moves at lightning speed. Judy offers tips on how to keep up, how to manage clients—and their expectations—and navigate thorny topics like a pro.


All American: Tiger woods Episode Eight: The Lost Years

Judy offers insight into one of the biggest scandals ever in the sports world: the Tiger Woods’ infidelity and breakdown of his marriage in 2010.


Entrepreneur podcast

Judy discusses her distinguished career with Entrepreneur Magazine, and talks about the current business and media climate amidst a worldwide pandemic, and how her advice to clients has evolved.


Judy Smith — inspiration for 'Scandal' TV series — on her path to the White House

Find out how Judy went from President George H.W. Bush’s Deputy Press Secretary to sought-after crisis manager for the rich and the famous, to having a hit television show inspired by her work.


Judy Smith Joins White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre Before Her First Briefing

Judy Smith—the first Black woman to hold a White House press briefing—joined Karine Jean-Pierre before she stepped behind the podium.

Judy Smith

Judy Smith Joins Hit Podcast To Dine For

Podcast host Kate Sullivan meets the world’s best and brightest at their favorite restaurants where everything is on the table, including great food and wine.


Judy Smith Talks Self-Care During Stressful Times on At the Heart Podcast

These are stressful times, so it’s more important than ever to take care of yourself. Judy Smith offers some advice on how we can do that.


How Judy Smith — the Real Olivia Pope! — Told President George H. W. Bush About Scandal's Plotline

Judy reflected on the tenth anniversary of Scandal with People, and revealed the one issue that required handling before the launch.

Judy Smith and President George H.W. Bush

Judy reflects on 10 years since Scandal launched

The real-life Olivia Pope talked with Shondaland for the 10-year anniversary of the hit show.

Judy celebrates 10 years of Scandal

Judy and Kerry Washington at the Scandal wrap party

The two stars celebrate the seven-year success of the one of the iconic ABC show.

Judy and Kerry Washington at Scandal wrap party

Judy Smith Talks About Life Behind the Scandal 'Murder Board': 'I'm Used to a Crisis'

Judy Smith answers questions from People readers, including inspiring Scandal‘s famous “Murder Board.”

Judy Smith answers People reader questions

Judy Talks With Keke Palmer

With a nip slip during the Super Bowl, a face slap during the Oscars, and Spitgate at the Venice Film Festival, there is no shortage of celebrity scandals. We’re fascinated by every detail of these stories, but what actually happens behind the scenes after someone in the spotlight F’s up? On this week’s episode Keke is talking to Hollywood Fixer and the real life Olivia Pope from Scandal, Judy Smith, who gives us the tea on what REALLY goes down when celebs slip up. In this day and age, no one is safe from scandal so come get your fix people (see what we did there?), because Judy has got you covered!

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