Keke Palmer and Judy Talk Scandals

From side-eye at the Golden Globes to a face slap during the Oscars, or Spitgate at the Venice Film Festival, there is no shortage of celebrity scandals. We’re fascinated by every detail of these stories, but what actually happens behind the scenes after someone in the spotlight F’s up? On this week’s episode Keke is talking to Hollywood Fixer and the real life Olivia Pope from Scandal, Judy Smith, who gives us the tea on what REALLY goes down when celebs slip up. In this day and age, no one is safe from scandal so come get your fix people (see what we did there?), because Judy has got you covered!

Judy Smith advises Presidents, celebrities, Fortune 500 companies, and was even the real-life inspiration for Scandal’s Olivia Pope. In other words, when it comes to solving problems large and small, she’s the best. She can help you face—and overcome—the toughest challenges in your professional and personal life, so you can unleash your full potential.

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